Risk Happens!

Risk Happens! by Mike Clayton“I am am a PM of 10+ years standing and I have never found such a concise read on risk management that provided so much valuable information.”

Project Management is a big part of how all sorts of organisations get things done. From small voluntary organisations to large corporations and Government departments, managers at all levels need to take on and deliver projects that range from thousand pound projects lasting days to multi-million pound projects taking years.

All of these projects have one thing in common: risk.


“…author Mike Clayton clearly spells out several ways to look at and deal with risk.

His writing is easy to read and to the point and there are a good number of graphics to ensure the statements made are well communicated.

As a new project manager I found Mike’s points easy to understand yet I realize that my risk management skills will only grow with practice. He’s given me several things to apply to my current projects and I look forward to more success!”

Amazon five starsAmazon Review from Leam Hall

Risk Happens!
Things go wrong; the real world will not respect your hopes, plans or expectations. So you need to respond with a practical approach to managing project risk.  This book will give you just that.

Vic is a project manager who contacted me via the Brilliant Project Leader website, to say:

“I am just halfway through reading “Risk Happens!” and I would like to say what a great book it is! Compelling reading and I can’t put it down.

I am am a PM of 10+ years standing and I have never found such a concise read on risk management that provided so much valuable information.”


The indicative contents are:

List of Tables, Checklists and Figures


Planning out Risk
The Risk Management Process

Identify Risks
Analyse Risks
Plan for Risks
Take Action on Risks
Risk Monitoring and Control

Risk Resilience
Involving Stakeholders in Risk Management
Appetite for Risk
The Psychology of Risk*
Risk Culture

Appendix A: List of Common Project Risks
Appendix B: Glossary
Appendix C: Learn More

Risk Happens! is the practical introduction to Project Risk Management that is missing from the bookstores: easy to read, with a broad scope and sufficient depth to help you
get things done.  It is published by Marshall Cavendish Business.

Risk Happens! includes:

* Read Extracts

Group Think and Risky Shift extract, at A Girl’s Guide to Project Management, which also has a thorough book review.

Wait a moment… has the name changed?

If you knew that I had a book on project risk coming out called “Shift Happens!” and are wondering what’s going on, read the story of the book’s change of title.

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