Gerald Clayton

For my father, Gerald Clayton,
whose attitude to risk still affects my every decision.

Read the blogs I wrote about what I learned from my father here.
Of particular relevance is “A Careful Way“.


I could not have written this book without the opportunities afforded me to manage projects and learn about risk by colleagues at Deloitte Consulting, from the early 1990s until 2002.  In particular, Gilbert Toppin, Brian Green, John Everett, George Owen, Tricia Bey, Chris Loughran and Richard Porter.  I also gained valuable insights about risk from many other colleagues – particularly Mark Warren, Charles Vivian and John Perry (whose article I rediscovered in preparing this book).

There are also a number of project management bloggers whom I must thank for their insights.  Often, their thinking is at a level well above that of this book, so my apologies to them, if a whole blog, or even series of blogs, has simply informed just one sentence, or simply the way I express an idea.  The details are important to me, so thank you in particular to Glen Alleman, Kailash Awati, and John Goodpasture,

I must also thank my wife, Felicity, who gave me the time to write this and read the manuscript carefully, with the eye of a risk management novice – for whom the book is intended.  She made me work just a little harder to explain what sometimes seems obvious.