Risk Management is in Mike Clayton’s genes.

When he first learned about formal risk management methods – principally as a project manager and business change consultant at Deloitte Consulting – Mike found the processes and tools intuitive and familiar.  The principles of risk management were in his DNA, inherited from his father (read more).  On the projects Mike has managed, he has always emphasised the importance of good risk management.

Business Speaker and Author

Mike Clayton, Business Speaker and AuthorMike is now a business speaker and author.  He focuses on project management, getting things done, integrating complex change, and effective influence and decision-making. Mike got much of his experience from 12 years at Deloitte Consulting, where he specialised in the delivery and integration of complex change in a diverse range of private and public sector organisations.

His experience includes leading roles in a £60m programme for BAA plc, two major projects with The Post Office, an extensive infrastructure project for Transport for London, and keystone projects for MoD, General Motors and Local Government. He was programme manager responsible for the project of launching a new business for Vodafone Mannesmann.  All of these involved significant and very different risks; all were delivered to time, budget and specification.

Working in and leading a wide variety of highly successful teams has given Mike valuable insights into organisational change, team-working, and leadership skills. He presents a personal point of view and real tools from 20 years of consulting and management experience. This is combined with knowledge gained from working and training with some outstanding leaders in business and personal development.

Interview with Mike

Read Mike’s Interview with Elizabeth Harrin (of A Girl’s Guide to Project Management) on the Gantthead website.  Mike talks about managing the financial aspects of project risk, in Elizabeth’s “Money Files” column: “a blog that looks at all aspects of project and program finances from budgets and accounting to getting a pay rise and managing contracts.” In this “Ask the Experts” column, Elizabeth asks:

  • What sort of budget-related risks might projects face?
  • How can we better identify risk then, so that project managers don’t just stick with the force majeure items on their risk logs?
  • Do you think Earned Value Analysis is a big help to project managers looking to manage financial risks on their projects?
  • The delivery stage is a critical time, and that’s the point that conflicts arise between risk and return, when things are changing and stakeholders are keen to see progress. How can project managers handle that conflict?
  • It sounds as if project managers need to spend more time thinking about project risk, to head off some of these problems and be better prepared to make these judgements.

Brilliant Project Leader

Brilliant Project Leader Mike is also the author of
Brilliant Project Leader

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