From Elizabeth Harrin
Director, The Otobos Group

“This book is a solid introduction to risk management and would be good for beginners. There is a good glossary and an appendix of common project risks – great if you want a starting point for brainstorming risk on your own project.

The book is not method specific, so it doesn’t matter if you use PRINCE2, the PMI equivalent or any other national or international standard. There are useful tables and processes, which will save you having to work out a risk management process for yourself – handy if you are setting up a PMO and want to save some time. You could easily take what is in this book, tweak it a little to suit your project or company and implement a risk management approach straight away.”

Elizabeth is a project communications expert, founder of The Otobos Group and author of the award-winning blog, A Girl’s Guide to Project Management.

From Glen Alleman
Principle Member of Niwot Ridge LLC

“An accessible book on the topic of risk management is Mike Clayton’s Risk Happens! It’s easy to read has all the facts right and can be put to work.”

“Risk Happens! is a must read for anyone wanting to understand how to be a risk manager. Mike has a nice newsletter, speaks to the topic of risk from hands on experience, and is well grounded in the practical aspects of improving performance of both the people and processes.”

Glen is a senior Program and Project Control expert working on large scale complex systems projects in the US Aerospace industry.  He specialises in Programmatic Risk Management.  Glen’s blog, Herding Cats, is one of the most influential PM blogs.

From Ron Rosenhead
CEO of Project Agency

“In this book author Mike Clayton brings together I believe many of the ideas and practices that will help you and your company identify and manage risks in projects. What makes it so different from other books on this topic is that Mike uses very practical rather than academic approaches to project risks.

Practical approaches – there are well over 100 tools and techniques to use all based on a simple model of identifying your risks, analysing the risks, planning what to do to manage risks and actioning your plan. Included in the process is the need to monitor and control your plans and actions.

But, and here’s the key to the books success; it calls on some really practical approaches to identify and manage risks in projects.

The chapters that follow mirrors the above process and also includes looking at your risk resilience – a chapter that looks at issues such as scenario planning, contingency planning and business continuity. There is also another challenging chapter which I hope many of our clients will read: Appetite for Risk as well as The Psychology of Risk – I wonder how this will go down with you (and others in your company).

This is a good book that should find its way into many companies. It is applied common sense and should be mandatory reading for all involved in projects.”

From Leam Hall Review

“In ‘Risk Happens:Managing Risk and Avoiding Failure in Business Projects‘ author Mike Clayton clearly spells out several ways to look at and deal with risk. His writing is easy to read and to the point and there are a good number of graphics to ensure the statements made are well communicated. As a new project manager I found Mike’s points easy to understand yet I realize that my risk management skills will only grow with practice. He’s given me several things to apply to my current projects and I look forward to more success!”

From “Busybee” Review

“This book covers (pretty much exhaustively) the types of risk you may encounter in any new project, in a concise and readable manner. I got this book by chance, but now intend to get more by the same author, as I like his style and the way in which he presents information. Rather than just being theoretical, this is a book which translates properly into real life and which I imagine will continue to be of use in the future. Highly recommended.” 

From Vic
Project Manager

“I am just halfway through reading “Risk Happens!” and I would like to say what a great book it is! Compelling reading and I can’t put it down.

I am am a PM of 10+ years standing and I have never found such a concise read on risk management that provided so much valuable information.”


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