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Risk Happens!
Control Risk and Avoid Failure in Organisational Projects

Risk Happens! Seminar

Success is not a matter of luck…

Business and organisational change is all pervasive and
the cost of failure is increasing all the time.

This powerful three-hour seminar, covers the essentials of Risk Happens!

Mike is giving this seminar as an open event, ten times during 2011, in London, Manchester, Birmingham, Reading and Oxford.  Click here for dates, times and venues.

Practical Project Management

Practical Project Management seminar

“Realistic, essential basic tools and concepts that are
easy to apply, very good speaker.”

How to get things done!
. . . from the simplest task, to a full-size project

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Brilliant Project Leader

Brilliant Project Leader seminar

Whether you book this as a follow on to “Practical Project Management” or as a free-standing talk, this session will show you the importance of the human dimension in project management.  It covers how to handle your project team and your all-important stakeholders.

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Faster, Better, Cheaper: Why NASA was wrong  … and right

Faster Better Cheaper seminar

Can you really can get more for less?

In the 1990s, NASA launched a programme of missions under the banner “Faster-Better-Cheaper”.  Mike will show how NASA was both doomed to fail (why project management theory says “faster, better, cheaper” is impossible), yet found a way to triumph.  More important, he’ll explain the powerful insight that can allow you to achieve “faster, better, cheaper” and really get more for less.

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